We can turn your ideas into CAD designs. This allows you to assess form, fit and function before comitting to fabrication. CAD models are also a prerequisite for 3D printing or CNC machining. Send us your idea, sketch or napkin drawing and we will turn it into a CAD model.

Modifying existing models

Do you have a CAD model, but is it not quite right? We can modify it for you. For example we can turn bumpy areas flat, make holes larger or smaller, or remove unwanted parts. We can also add features to accomodate screws or magnets.

Another useful technique is to cut a model into multiple sections. These sections can be 3D printed simultaneously on multiple 3D printers for quick turnaround, after which they are glued together. This also allows for the fabrication of parts that do not fit inside the build volume of a 3D printer.

Repairing files

For 3D printing .stl files are commonly used. These files can contain errors such as inverted normals or being non-manifold. Send us your broken file and we’ll check if we can repair it for you.

An enclosure for a raspberry pi, power supply, and custom interface board. Rough models were made of existing components so a housing could be modelled and 3D printed to accomodate them.
A boat propellor which is turned by magnetic forces acting through the hull
A box to hold a 3D printing filament spool with silica gel, to prevent atmospheric moisture from damaging the filament