I have a few videos planned that I think could benefit from overhead footage, so I built an overhead camera rig to make that possible. You watch the video of this build below.

The rig is built out of a single sheet of plywood measuring 1220x610mm (4 foot by 2 foot). I made all the cuts freehand with a jigsaw to show that you don’t need a fancy saw for this. To still make the build work you must use the fact that the edges of the plywood sheet are straight from the store. You can find the recomended cut pattern below.

Recommended cutting order: First the 3 long red horizontal cuts, then the 2 orange cuts for the feet, then the two purple cuts to make the legs, and finally cutting the crossbraces strip in two

For tightening the screw that holds the camera you can 3D print the grip pictured below. You can find the .stl file here and here.

The total materials list is as follows:

If you’re using the optional grip, you must buy a bolt that’s 1/4 inch longer. I have no affiliation with Hornbach, I am not sponsored by them, the above links are not affiliate links. I just like their stores better than Gamma/Karwei/Praxis.

Overhead Camera Rig Build