We can model and 3D print scale models of your machines, furniture, equipment and installations. We usually base the models off measurements and photographs, but we can also work from technical drawings or existing CAD models.

In most cases we add small cavities for magnets into the models. This gives the models a firm footing on magnetic whiteboards or steel plates.

Improve your communication

Scale models are a great tool to improve your communication to colleagues, management or clients. For example you can contrast how your production process works today, versus how it will look in the future. You can also show your clients what solutions you offer, or explain to new hires and visitors how your business works.

Lay out your space

Whether you’re moving to a new location or getting new equipment, the question arises of how to best fit everything in the available space. This is not just about making sure the machines themselves fit; you must also ensure that people and material can move around as required. Scale models provide an excellent tool to discuss this with staff, and allows you to try out and discuss various layouts before implementing one in reality.